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Pests and Insects

We provide pest control for roaches, rats, mice, ants, bees, bedbugs, termites, and more to the NYC Metro Area as well as Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester Counties. Stop and prevent an unwelcome infestation. Call 718-723-2072

In operation since 1945, Inter-County Exterminators, Inc. is a 4th generation family-owned and operated pest control company based in Queens, NY. We are expertly trained and fully certified to provide the highest quality services for members of our community against pests, bedbugs, rodents, cockroaches, termites, crickets, bees, ants, fleas, and more. Our expertly trained technicians proudly serve the five boroughs of New York, Long Island, and Westchester County. Call 718-723-2072 to learn more.

Termite Control

Termite Infestation

Termites are social insects that can enter homes with as little as 1/32-of-an-inch opening. They constantly forage and work nonstop (24-hours a day, 7-days a week), and no home or building is safe from them. Termites can be in your home for several years with very few visible signs of activity. When it comes to termites, “out of sight” doesn’t always mean “out of mind,” as termites can tunnel hundreds of feet to reach a home or feeding site.

Ants or Termites

Termites are often mistaken for flying ants. They both have the same features, but there are certain distinctions between the two that are very noticeable. We have insect identification available through email, mail or walk-in.

  • Whereas termites’ front and hind wings are the same shape and size, the ants’ front wings are larger than their hind wings).
  • Whereas termites’ antennae are straight, ants’ antennae are elbowed.
  • Whereas termites’ waists are thicker and less defined, ants have a narrow and pinched waist.
Termite and Ant Comparison

How Much Damage Can Termites Do?

Most people list their homes as their single largest investment, and termite infestation and damage can be devastating. In the US, termites cause more damage than fires, floods or hurricanes combined. The National Pest Management Association estimates over $5 billion of termite caused property damage annually. Protect your home today.

Wood destroyed because of termites

Damage to Garage Door Jamb

Telltale Signs of Infestation

  • Dead termites or wings around windows, windowsills, door frames, heating vents, or in bath tubs and sinks
  • Shelter tubes appearing on or around the foundation
  • Damaged wood (Termites eat inside of the wood)
  • Baseboards and floors that may sound hollow
  • Live Termites “swarming” during the day and often after rainfall
Mud Tube (Shelter Tube) signs of Infestation

Mud Tube (Shelter Tube)

Swarming of Termites

Large swarms of winged insects inside and/or around the home is the most obvious sign of termite activity. Swarming occurs when reproductive termites exit the colony and attempt to begin building a new colony. Swarming season varies each year, but usually, it begins in late-March and Early-April and can last through May or early June.

Termites Damaging Wood

Customized Treatment Plans

Based on the layout of your home and degree of termite infestation, we will create a customized treatment plan tailored for your home. Homeowners can choose between two termite protection options known as the Advanced Termite Bait System or the Liquid Termite Treatment. When necessary, a combination of the treatment plans may be used. We also do structural modifications to eliminate termites and prevent their return.

Termites Damaging Wood

Types of Treatment Plans

  • Advance Termite Bait System: Termite inspection cartridges strategically installed around the home that watches over your home 24-hours a day (7 days a week) and checked regularly to make sure termites are not present.  These cartridges contain Puri-Cell, which is more appetizing than wood. Once termite activity is detected, the monitoring station is replaced with the bait device. Termites then ingest the bait and share it with other termites, helping to establish colony control.
  • Liquid Termite Treatment: A liquid barrier around the perimeter of your home, which prevents termites from reaching it.  This treatment helps to deter termites immediately, as well as offer protection from future infestations.  Our trained specialists create a trench in the soil and carefully drill through slab areas around the perimeter of your home (i.e. basement areas, garages, patios, porches), then apply a highly effective liquid treatment agent known as Termicide. The treatment agent eliminates subterranean termites as they forage through treated soil.

Continuous Protection

We will continue to inspect and monitor your home for signs of termite activity for one year, which is renewable each year for an additional small fee. If a re-infestation occurs, we will return to re-treat the problem at no additional charge.

Prepare for Sale

If you are planning on buying a home or selling yours, contact us for a thorough pre or post-sale inspection to identify potential termite infestation so they can be managed quickly and effectively.


Bedbug Control

Identifying Bedbugs

Bedbugs can leave your family covered in itchy, red, mosquito-like bites. Look for tiny reddish-brown bugs, cast molts, and dark fecal spotting on sheets and mattresses (particularly along seams and welts). An unpleasant sweet odor can also be present.

Know the Resistance

Eliminating bedbug infestations is a job for pest control professionals. Bedbugs are resistant to MOST “over the counter” home and garden pesticides.

Eliminate the Bedbugs

We use a highly effective procedure of applying a proprietary mix of contact and residual pesticides along with a growth regulator to eliminate bedbugs.

Closeup View of Bedbug

Prevent the Return

We offer mattress encasements, which can encase your mattress and box spring. These specially designed encasements “lock in” bedbugs (traps any remaining bedbugs inside, if any) keeping them away from your body and from re-infesting your home.

Trust Our Family

You can put your confidence in our family-owned and operated business and our four generations of providing exceptional services to members of our community.

Bedbug Infesting Mattress

Make an Appointment

Don’t wait! Bedbugs are adept hitchhikers and can be brought into buildings on clothing, backpacks, moving boxes, suitcases, second-hand furniture, used mattresses, etc. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Cockroach Control

If you see even one cockroach, there may be more as they are nocturnal and tend to hide. If you notice a problem, give us a call. You can trust us to come in and provide prompt and effective treatment of the infestation. Using our superior knowledge and experience, we will customize and apply an effective program just for you. Let us keep coming back to your home or business at regular intervals to use a variety of preventative techniques including IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to keep roaches away and protect your family, customers, or employees from serious risks. Our initial service begins with a thorough inspection to locate all nesting sites. We will apply appropriate EPA-registered pesticides to eliminate the current infestation.

After the initial service is done, a maintenance schedule should be undertaken. Whether we come weekly, monthly or every other month, materials need to be replenished to keep the infestation from returning and to keep any problems under control.

Dead cockroach

German Cockroach

German cockroaches are 1/2 to 5/8-inches long when mature, light brown to tan, and have fully developed wings.

  • Gain entry into structures in grocery bags, cardboard boxes, drink cartons, infested equipment such as used refrigerators, toasters, microwaves, etc. Cockroaches feed on all types of human food, as well as on pet food, toothpaste, soap, glue, etc.
  • Female German cockroach produces four to eight egg capsules each of which contains 30 to 40 eggs.
  • Nymphs molt six to seven times before becoming adults. This requires about 103 days; thus allowing three to four generations per year.
  • Adults live 100 to 200 days.

German cockroach

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Brown-banded cockroaches are about ½-inch long when mature, light brown to brown, and have two light, yellow-brown bands running across their bodies.

  • Female brown-band cockroach produces about 14 egg capsules each of which contains from 14 to 18 eggs.
  • Nymphs emerge in about 70 days and molts six to eight times before becoming adults (this requires 90 to 276 days).
  • The adult live about six months.

Brown-Branded cockroach

Dead Cockroach on its back
German Cockroach
Brown-Banded Cockroach

Rodent Control

Rodent infestation can cause serious problems for your home or business. Get some peace of mind knowing our technicians are Certified and licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators. Rodents can come in through a space as small as a 1/4 of an inch. We address the problem at every level, from perimeter areas and entry points to nestling sites and beyond. It is important to understand the risks associated with a rodent infestation:

  • Structural damage
  • Increased fire risk from chewed wires
  • Contamination of food and water supplies
  • Risk of bites for humans and pets
  • Chance for fines or mandatory shutdown due to infestations

Put your trust in our family-owned and operated company to take care of your family and your business with prompt and professional rodent removal and control services. Our program entails:

  • Inspection: We will identify then create a strategic plan of action for proper control.
  • Exclusion: We will work with you to identify and seal potential entry points.
  • Sanitation: We will work with you to help deprive rodents of potential food and water sources that can lead to infestation.
  • Baits and traps: Whether it’s modern-day snap traps, glue boards, multi-catch traps, exterior tamper-proof bait stations, or single-feed baits, we have the perfect, professional solution to help keep rodent problems under control.
  • Ongoing monitoring: We provide regular inspections of your property, replacement of traps and baits as needed, and monitoring of all other controls
Mouse in a trap
Rodent found in home

Flea & Tick Control

Do you have a flea or tick infestation? Prevent serious risks which include:

  • Irritating bites
  • Exposure to disease for humans and pets
  • High risk of infection from scratching irritated skin

Trust us to evaluate your home to identify the specific problems and customize a treatment approach tailored to your individual infestation needs. Learn how to keep the ticks and fleas from re-infesting your home with a variety of preventative approaches designed to keep your home clean and healthy. You can feel confident knowing our excellence in service has earned us an A+ rating from the BBB since 1996.

Closeup View of Flea

Ant & Cricket Control

If an infestation is identified, or risk factors are found, we can craft a treatment program for your home, business, and family so that they are protected. Using EPA-registered pesticides, we apply the pesticides inside and outside of your home. In addition, we use an Ant Bait that the ants will carry back to their nests and share it with the colonies for a more dispersed control.

Removing the pests isn’t enough to feel confident your home is secure. Ask us about preventative applications to keep ants and crickets from getting back into your home. If you are dealing with the frustration and discomfort of an ant or cricket infestation, our honest and reliable team can ease your mind with prompt and friendly services.

Ants Infesting House

Bee & Wasp Control

If you are concerned that you have a stinging insect infestation, call us to schedule an inspection so we can identify the specific type of insect and recommend a treatment plan. Do you have a hive on your property? Without removing the hive, you cannot remove the infestation. Don’t put yourself at risk attempting the removal on your own. Let us handle it safely and responsibly. Call our exterminators at 718-723-2072 today!

Bee & Wasp nest in a tree

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