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Serving all of the 5 boroughs of New York and Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties for 70 years!!!

BBB Accredited Business

Honest, Certified, & Reliable Technicians

Since 1945, we are a 4th generation family-owned and operated company that is the strongest weapon against pests, rodents, termites, birds, and more.  We have a strong dedication to our tradition of providing the highest quality services for members of our community.  Our expertly trained technicians proudly serve the 5 boros of New York, Long Island, and Westchester County.

We have been rated with a grade of A+ for over 15 years, which demonstrates our integrity, responsiveness and dedication to build trust, excellence, safeguard privacy and consistent performance for all of our clients. Inter-County Exterminators, Inc. and Victory Pest Control, Inc. are fully licensed and insured.

We understand it’s a major decision to let someone into your home. Trust us to be dedicated to exemplifying quality, professionalism, commitment and respect. Look to us for Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators to protect your home/business from pests. Our staff and technicians continuously receive educational training so that we can continue to receive the most up-to-date knowledge and treatment, as well as provide the most outstanding customer service.


Get rid of your pests quickly and effectively

Choose an environmentally-friendly and effective option for your pest control.

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Family-owned & Operated

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"When it comes to pests,

we put them to rest!"



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Our Mission

We offers complete pest control services from:

  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or One Time Pest Control Treatments

  • Mice, Rats, Rodents, and Birds Removal

  • Structural repairs

  • Pre-Demolition Extermination

  • Termites

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